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I just purchased Vehicle Manager.  When will I receive my license key?
License keys are sent to the email address you used during checkout usually within 3 minutes of your purchase confirmation.  However, some email notifications may get routed to your bulk or junk mail folder.  If you haven't received your license key in your email inbox within 30 minutes, be sure to check your bulk or junk mail folder, and if it still hasn't arrived, contact customer service to request to have your license key resent.

Why doesn't the license key I just received work?
Vehicle Manager comes in two different editions, and the license key you purchased must match the edition that you're entering it in.  For example, a license key for the "Fleet Edition" will not work in the "Fleet Edition For Networks".  You can check to see which edition you have installed by opening Vehicle Manager and reading the caption at the very top of the window.  If it doesn't match the edition of the license key that you purchased, download and install the matching edition here

How do I backup the Vehicle Manager database?
Select the menu item: File --> Backup...

This option will create a compressed backup file containing all of your vehicle maintenance data in a single file with extension .vbk.  You may save the backup file to your computer or to a flash drive.  If you would like to save it to a CD, first save the backup file to your computer, then copy it to CD.  To restore the data from this file, use the menu option File --> Restore...

Does Vehicle Manager work on Windows Vista?
Yes.  Vehicle Manager is compatible with Windows 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

Does Vehicle Manager work on a Mac?
No, sorry.  Vehicle Manager requires Windows 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

Can Vehicle Manager track and calculate expenses?
Yes, in addition to Fuel usage tracking, Vehicle Manager can track individual service entries with line items for parts, materials, labor, and tax.

Can Vehicle Manager remind me when service is due?
Yes, Vehicle Manager has red, yellow, green status indicators next to each vehicle in the vehicle list, and a reminder window displays upcoming service due when you open the program.  You may also print the "Service Reminders" report for a complete list of service due.  These reminders are all based on the Service Schedule which you can set up for each vehicle.  You can specify the schedule frequency in calendar time as well as distance or hours.

How long is the Vehicle Manager license valid?
Your Vehicle Manager License is valid for the version you purchased for as long as you would like to use it.  Minor enhancements made to the product after you have purchased it are available free of charge using the menu item Help --> Check for updates. Major upgrades may include an upgrade charge depending on the extent of the upgrade.

How can I connect to a remote database
Please refer to the database configuration instructions.

How can I uninstall the software?
1. Open the Windows Control Panel
2. Select Programs and Features
3. Select the program in the list and then click "Uninstall"


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